Garan-Pola no.3


The Garan-Pola no.3 was designed in late 2017 by the Garan Arms Company. However, in early 2018 the Noritlian Revolution enstated a new socialist government which brought an end to many private companies, including Garan Arms. The founder and CEO of Garan Arms, Paul Garan, made a deal with the new socialist leader. This deal allowed his company to continue to exist as long as it also produced weapons for the military and ran under the supervision of government official Grez Pola and his arms development branch. The first weapon Garan Arms made in collaboration with Grez Pola’s Branch was the Garan-Pola no.3. The gun was eagerly accepted and adopted by the Noritlian Military.



The Gezan government ordered 5000 Garan-Polas from the Noritlian government shortly after their adoption. Another 2000 were ordered after the end of the 2nd TMIU War.


Trumpland acquired just under 1000 models through the IU Black Market.


The Noritlian government sent 400 to the Cronan Militia to help them in fighting Trumpland in the 2nd TMIU War.

New Chinese Militia

The New Chinese Militia purchased 200 models from Noritly.

TM Resistance

Expeditionary unit acquired 1180 Garan-Polas from Noritly, buying most of them and stealing the rest.

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