Element 115
Phase at STP: Solid
Density: 13.5 g/cm3


Samples of 115 are extremely rare and typically form in areas where Zombonian Energy is highly concentrated. Most 115 found on Earth formed in the Earth’s crust in 12,000 BCE when a wave of Zombonian Energy quickly swept over the Earth. Samples can also be found in some meteorites. While extremely small samples of 115 can be created in particle colliders these samples are often unstable and decay almost instantly without a high amount of Zombonian Energy presant.

Known Effects


When no significant amount of energy is being put into a sample of 115 the element's effects are gradual. These effects are unpredictable and can range from reanimation of the dead to gradual insanity.


When a significant amount of energy (electric, kinetic, etc.) is put into a sample of 115 the element has more extreme and immediate effects. These effects are difficult to predict and depend on the size of the sample, type of energy applied, how much is being applied and for how long. Effects can range from causing fires and explosions to shifting space-time. These effects are caused by large scale disturbances in the Zombonian Brain caused by the charging of the element.

Notable Uses

The Glain Device

Element 115 was used in the Glain Device time machine built by Edward to give the device its time-bending properties.

The Zombonian Energy Projector

Element 115 is used to create the concentrated blasts of Zombonian Energy fired by the ZEP. The ZEP was made by and remains in the possession of the Gezan Military.

The Annaran

Element 115 is used by the Annaran in various ways. The Annaran also posses the largest cache of 115 as well as methods of synthesizing the element.

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