Edward Glain
Sex: Male
Age: 46 (unchanging)
Full Name: Edward Dolf Halstein Glain
Nationality: German
Status: Immortal


Professor Edward Glain is a German scientist who obtained nearly unlimited godly powers through Element 115 and manipulation of the Zombonian Brain. He is responsible for the obliteration of multiple universes.

Early Life

Edward was born on January 15th, 1909 in Altlandsberg, Germany to a middle class family. Edward was the 3nd youngest of his family and had 3 older brothers (Otto Glain, William Glain and Karl Glain), a younger brother (Hans Glain) and a younger sister (Emma Glain.) His father (Ernst Glain) spent most of Edward's childhood working at a factory away from home. His mother (Martha Einsbart) began working for a German press company when Edward was 6, leaving Edward and his siblings alone for hours or even days at a time. Edward attended school normally and spent 5 years at a university in Berlin studying various sciences. At the age of 29 Edward joined the Freikorps but spent only 1 year there before leaving to study biology in Berlin.

World War 2

In early 1943, when Edward was 34, he joined the Nazi research division at the Die Lage Research Center. Edward and his colleague, Doctor Alfred Schuster, began experimenting with the recently discovered Element 115. In mid 1944 Edward began working on the Glain Device (a machine using Element 115 to travel through time) in secret. Around this time he was approached by members of the Annaran who promised him membership in the Annaran if he used the Glain Device in accordance with their instructions. Edward agreed (though he never held up his end of the bargain) and received the 115 he needed to complete the Glain Device from the Annaran. In early 1945 Edward completed the Glain Device. However, Edward and Schuster got into an argument over whether the device should be used at all. This lead to Edward shooting Schuster with his Luger.

Accent to Power

After killing Schuster Edward used the Glain Device to travel far back in time and make a deal with a powerful deity, that if he was still alive in the year 2030 he could have unlimited power, if he wasn’t the deity could take control of the Glain Device. The deity agreed. Edward then traveled forward to 2030 using the Glain Device, thus winning the bet and gaining unlimited power.

Current Situation

Edward spends most of his time in his own dimension with the few close friends he has. He also occasionally airs a TV show starring him and a co-star.


Shortly after obtaining his powers Edward denounced Nazi teachings, instead adopting a much more neutral standpoint, believing only in authoritarianism. Edward puts little value on the lives of anyone who is not him or one of the few people he cares about. Because of this Edward often destroys beings, species, planets and universes without a second thought.


Edward is cocky and self centered. He thinks very highly of himself and feels that even the most unnatural occurrences are mundane. Edward is often cruel and chaotic but holds these qualities primarily to give unpredictability to a life where he controls everything. He relies on dark humor and the pain of others to entertain himself. Edward is fully aware that his actions are often malicious and cruel, but justifies them to himself by saying that he cannot possibly make up for all of his actions and thus trying to is futile.


Edward fears his past and occasionally hallucinates images of Schuster come to scold him for his choices. Edward has a slight reliance on alcohol and sometimes cigarettes, his own emotions and mind being one of the few things he cannot control.


Zombonian Energy

Edward has to exert more power to combat Zombonian energy (and by extension Annaran magic) than other types of energy and magic.

Holy Magic

Edward is particularly susseptable to holy magic and has more trouble combating it.

Personal Items


Edward always keeps his original Luger with him for self defense and as a good luck charm, however it also serves to remind him of his past. The weapon was issued to Edward upon him joining the Die Lage Research Facility. The grip texture on the weapon’s knurled knobs is worn down to near complete smoothness through usage and small swastika imprints on each side of the grip have been scratched out with a blade.

Officers Uniform

Edward almost always wears his originally issued officers coat, pants, boots and cap, hardly ever changing his clothes. Despite this Edward’s uniform seldom gets dirty or takes on a foul oder because of Edward’s constant use of his powers to clean it.



Edward is mutual good friends with Eviruss and often stays with him for extended amounts of time.


Edward most often regards Creon with amused contempt. Despite Creon often bothering Edward and insisting he change his ways Edward usually finds his life uninteresting when Creon is absent.

Personal Quotes

"There's nothing wrong with playing god as long as you're good at it."

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