Druker Rifle


The Druker Rifle was developed by amateur TM Resistance gunsmith Haman Druker shortly before the Betmest Riots. Haman began collecting spare gun parts in preparation for the Betmest Riots (which had been spread by word of mouth among members of the union that eventually formed the TMR) by smuggling the parts out of factories and dismantling stolen Trumpland weapons. Haman began building the weapon in his apartment with help from his wife, the weapon was finalized just 2 days before the Betmest Riots. Haman used the weapon against Trumpland troops during the Riots. Haman later built additional models by the request of other members of the TMR.



The Carbine variant features a slightly shorter barrel, allowing for increased mobility at the cost of accuracy.


This variant features shorter barrel and a small lever on the side of the reciver which opens the bolt. This variant offers increased mobility at the cost of accuracy as well as a slightly faster reload at the cost of a lower power (caused by the lever mechanism keeping the bolt from forming a perfect seal, decreasing muzzle velocity.)



The Cronan Military captured 120 models from a Black Market ship.

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