The Communist Resistance Forces (or CRF) is a resistance group based in Central East Trumpland which started in the industrial town of Russville in January 2018. The CRF is comprised mostly of Russian immigrants (most industrial workers) and holds a strict Communist doctrine. The goal of the CRF is to overthrow Trump McDonald and instate a Communist government in his place. As of October 2018 the leader of the CRF is Vladimir Marshkov and they control 4.3 square miles of Central West Trumpland.


The CRF uses a variety of weapons from various sources. The CRF is also made up of many gunsmiths and controls an arms factory in Russville. This allows the CRF to produce a number of their own weapons. The CRF also uses weapons captured from Trumpland solders, storeages and Black Market shipments. The CRF also uses a small number of armored trucks as well as 2 captured Trumpland tanks.


Unrest among Russian industrial workers in Russville began as early as November 2017. The plan to revolt was first devised by Vladimir Marshkov who created the CRF with a number of other factory workers. Vladimir began creating a secret weapons storage in an abandoned part of the factory he and other CRF members worked at. On January 21st 2018, 620 Russian workers seized arms from Vladimir’s secret storage and began the Russville Uprising, overpowering the 125 Trumpland troops there and capturing the town.


Green and Red Star

The red star with a green boarder (sometimes drawn as a green star with a red boarder) is the most common symbol of the CRF. The symbol itself represents Communism empowered by the people’s will. The symbol is featured on their flag and is often engraved on weapons by CRF troops.

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