Coutille LA9


The Coutille LA9 was produced by the Lonne arms and knives company CoupCoup. The weapon was produced as part of a contract which called for “a simple pistol with a bayonet, weighing no more than 3 pounds and firing 7mm at the minimum.” To give themselves an edge over their competitor, L’Eperfait, they designed the gun to use 8mm ammunition. After beating out L’Eperfait’s submission the Coutille LA9 was adopted into the Lonne military.



After catching wind of the bladed gun the Gezan Dictator ordered 15,000 for his own military.


The weapon was first brought into service in the 2nd TMIU War. It was known for being slightly more effective as a knife than as a gun. Some Lonne soldiers would detach the blade and fasten it to a short metal rod to use as a melee weapon. If the blade was ever used to stab an enemy while still attached to the gun blood would cover the whole front of the weapon, often most of the barrel and would stain the light metal finish a shade of red. Because of this Lonne soldiers started calling them “Les Lettrés Rouge” (The Red Letters.)

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