The CMK-42.42 was developed during the 3rd TMIU War by New Chinese gunsmith Hung Ko in collaboration with the New Chinese Military. Hung was originally contracted to work with the 2nd New Chinese Arms Development Branch (2nd NCADB) to create a service pistol for the New Chinese Military. The weapon was designed in only 4 days and was adopted and rushed into production with the designation of Chinese Military Ko 42.42 (it being the 42nd weapon designed by the 2nd NCADB and .42 being a rough, though incorrect, estimate of its caliber in inches.) The first version of the gun loaded from the top, however Hung later personally designed a magazine fed variant, though this version was produced in minimal numbers.



The Cronan Military purchased 49,000 models shortly after their adoption.


The Labistas acquired 12,000 models from a captured Black Market ship.


The CMK-42.42 first saw action with the New Chinese Militia on Snowstar. It’s low ammo capacity and lengthy reload process kept it from being an entirely effective weapon. However, New Chinese Militia troops used it in great numbers as a convient sidearm.

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