Bretchill Pistol


The Bretchill Pistol was originally designed shortly after the end of the 1st TMIU War by Gezan gunsmith Graz Bretchill to be sold in Government Shop (Graz hoped to recive recognition and go on to become a successful gunsmith for the Gezan Government.) Early versions of the weapon experimented with different loading systems for the 4 battled pistol before Graz settled on a breach loading system with the 5th design. Originally 2 varients of the weapon were produced by Graz and passed to Government Shops, these were the Bretchill Successive (which fired each barrel induvidually) and the Bretchill Interruptive (which fired all 4 barrels at once.) Half a month later a final varient was created with a small lever to switch between the 2 modes. The Gezan Military adopted the gun shortly before the start of the 2nd TMIU War and 1 million models were initially produced.



610,000 models were shipped to Cronas during the 2nd TMIU War to aid their military.

New Chinese Militia

The Cronan Government donated 430,000 models to the Militia, most of which were Cronan copies.


The Noritlian Military purchased 400,000 models from GII during the 2nd TMIU War.


200,000 models were sent to the Lonne Military in a trade for a shipment of various Lonne firearms.

TM Resistance

The Resistance acquired 110,000 models by various means.

Non-Military Use

The Britchell Pistol is very often copied and personalized (although it’s unique action forces most personalization to be aesthetic only.) Variants of the weapon are popular in collections as well as with hunters and sport shooters. One of the most famous Bretchill Pistols is known as the Pilosopher’s Relic, a heavily aestheticized model said to have been buried somewhere on Snowstar during the 2nd TMIU War. As of October 2018 it has yet to be found and enthusiasts still search Snowstar for it.


The Britchell Pistol first saw action in the Battle of Dokim during the 2nd TMIU War. It proved an effective side arm during assaults. Trumpland soldiers who captured models liked it enough for Trumpland gunsmiths to create their own copies.



This variant fires successively and uses longer barrels for improved accuracy at the cost of mobility.

Trench Sweeper

The Trench Sweeper variant fires interruptively and features a shorter barrel, decreasing accuracy and making shots less powerful at a distance.


The Fortress variant fires interruptively and uses a more powerful cartridge that is more effective at a longer range. This more powerful cartridge, however, is incompatible with the weapon’s extraction system and must be extracted manually.


This variant fires successively and features shortened barrels and a lighter cartridge. This allows the variant much easier portability at the cost of power and accuracy. The lighter cartridges also allows for all 4 to be loaded at once if the shooter is experienced enough.


The Resistance variant (used most often by the TM Resistance) is identical to the Fortress variant except for the fact that it fires 2 barrels each press of the trigger and suffers from poorer accuracy.

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