Battle of MDK Centeral (4th TMIU War)
Location: MDK Central, MDK
Time: IU offense
Belligerents: GII, MDK, Snowstar, Lo, Caverland VS Trumpland
Span: 1 day 6 hours
Result: IU victory


Day 1, Hour 1-6

On the morning of the first day of the battle Gezan and Cavrish troops began a mixed assault against the west and southwest sides of the city with support from 21 light tanks, 12 medium tanks, 12 heavy tanks and artillery. Shortly into hour 1 a Gezan big gun was able to destroy a portion of the exterior wall, allowing Gezan and Cavrish assault troops to enter and overrun Trumpland positions in the west and southwest portions of the wall. At the same time Lonne and Noritlian troops began a mixed assault against the north and northwestern sides of the exterior wall. By hour 3 Lonne artillery was able to create a gap in the exterior wall for troops to enter.

Day 1, Hour 6-16

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