Battle of MDK Central
Location: MDK Central, MDK
Time: IU offense
Belligerents: GII, MDK, Snowstar, Lo VS Trumpland
Span: 1 day 4 hours
Result: IU victory


Day 1, Hour 1-3

In the morning of the first day of the battle Gezan troops began an initial assault against the south west side of the city with support from 15 light tanks, 1 medium tank, 1 heavy tank and artillery. Only half an hour into the battle (half way into hour 0) a Gezan big gun was able to destroy part of the exterior wall, allowing Gezan forces to enter and over run Trumpland positions in the west to south by hour 2. Shortly before hour 2 Lonne troops began their assault from the north, not passing the exterior wall until half way into hour 2 when MDK Shinobi flushed out anti-tank artillery positions, allowing Lonne heavy tanks to destroy portions of the wall and allow entry for Lonne troops. By hour 3 the north, west and south portions of the exterior wall (72% of the wall area) was in IU or Lonne control.

Day 1, Hour 3-14

At hour 4 of the battle Snowstarian infiltration teams successfully made openings in the interior wall of the city in the west and north, these were quickly exploited by Gezan and Lonne assault troops. After fierce fighting by these troops, supported by Snowstarian medics and MDK soldiers, the north, south and west portions of the interior wall were captured by hour 9. An assault on the east portions of the interior wall by MDK Samurai and Shinobi was issued half way into hour 9, securing control of the east interior wall by hour 11. The remaining Trumpland units in the east exterior wall were over run or captured by hour 14.

Day 1, Hour 14-24

At hour 15 an Gezan artillery barrage of the south west portion of the city was ordered. The barrage lasted from half way through hour 15 until hour 16. Gezan troops began an assault on the south west portion of the center at hour 16, supported by armored vehicles and MDK troops. At the same time Lonne troops assaulted the north west portion of the center. House-to-house and street fighting continued until hour 24 when the entire west half of the center was in IU or Lonne control.

Day 2

Hour 25 (day 2, hour 1) began with a mixed assault by Gezan, Lonne and MDK forces against the east half of the center, supported by Gezan tanks, Gezan aircraft and Snowstarian medics. At hour 26 the Gezan Airship Castro arrived over the central, providing support until the entire MDK Central was in IU or Lonne control at hour 28.


MDK Central falls under the control of IU and Lonne troops. Gezan fatalities were estimated to be 3,100. MDK fatalities (not including clones) were estimated to be 19. Snowstarian fatalities (not including PhantOM suits put out of commission) were estimated to be 3.

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