The Balmau-02 was developed by Philippe Ballison and Louis Gramau during the start of the 2nd TMIU War for use by the Lonne Kularde. The first model of the weapon featured a vertical foregrip and was submitted by Phillippe and Louis to the Madison Custom Arms Company for production of a working model. This model was submitted to the Lonne Military shortly after under the name “Balmau-01.” Testing of the Balmau-01 found that recoil was hard to manage. In response the Lonne Military bought the design for $55,000 and changed the vertical foregrip to a horizontal foregrip. This new design was dubbed the Balmau-02 and was adopted as the primary SMG of the Kularde shortly after.


Black Cats

The Kularde delivered 1200 models to the Black Cats during the 2nd TMIU War.


The Balmau-01 only saw action once with Lonne assault unts in the Battle of Little Place on the south coast of eastern Snowstar. The Balmau-02 first saw action in the hands of the Kularde during action in Snowstar. The weapon’s duel magazines, though more cumbersome to reload, improved the weapon’s ammo capacity and it’s high rate of fire made it perfect for closer engagements.

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