Av-Demar 19


The Av-Demar 19 was developed by Resistance gunsmith Rothu Demar in the town of Prestanburg during the 3rd TMIU War. The weapon’s design was based off blueprint of an experimental SMG (called the Aver-19) captured from a Trumpland base near the town. Rothu created a modified design of the weapon under the designation of the Av-Demar 19 and produced the first model at a factory under Resistance control. The Resistance later began officially producing the weapon at the same factory.



The Gezan Military recieved 6,800 models in an arms trade with the Resistance.


The Trumpland Military captured 3,500 models from a Resistance storage during the 3rd TMIU War.


The Noritlian Military captured 16 models from Trumpland troops and began producing their own models.


The Av-Demar 19 first saw action with Resistance troops during the 2nd Battle of Prestanburg. The weapon was reported to be fairly effective in various roles however it was prone to overheating. To remedy this some soldiers wrapped wet rags around the weapon’s barrel for cooling.

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