Sex: Male
Age: 27 (unchanging)
Full Name: Armand Léon Patis
Nationality: French
Status: Alive


Armand Patis is a French infantryman from the First World War and is part of the Iron Isle Group. He is a member of the Annaran and skilled in brewing potions.

Early Life

Armand was born on April 10th, 1891 in Châlons, France to a wealthy family as an only child. Armand's father (François Patis) worked full time as a priest at a Catholic church in Châlons while his mother (Florentine D'Avallons) took care of the house and taught at a school in Châlons which Armand attended. Armand attended church with his family regularly each Sunday, however in May 1903 (when Armand was 12) anti-Catholic protests prevented Armand and his family from reaching the Châlons Catholic Church for Sunday service. This prompted Armand to enter woods near the church in an attempt to bypass the protesters. While in the woods Armand met Annaran member Pierre Oorn’lasikl who convinced Armand to join the Annaran. Armand began routinely visiting Pierre who taught him how to brew potions over the course of 3 years. On July 25th, 1910 when Armand was 19, he moved to Verdun, France.

Military Life

On April 17th, 1913 when Armand was 22, he officially joined the French Army, hoping to serve his country and find more meaning in life. Armand officially finished training on November 2nd, 1913. Upon the outbreak of World War 1 in 1914 Armand was transferred to the Western Front as part of the French 2nd Army. On August 14th, 1914 (when he was 23) Armand took part in the Battle of Lorraine, being brought into reserves after being wounded by a rifle bullet to the leg. Armand alter took part in the Second Battle of Artois, joining the front on May 19th, 1915. Armand was again recalled and redeployed to Verdun on January 23rd, 1916. Shortly after Armand took part in the Battle of Verdun where intense artillery bombardments and German use of flamethrowers caused him to develop Shell Shock. Armand was recalled again after the battle.

Iron Isle

On October 15th, 1918 (when he was 27) Armand was stationed on Iron Isle in the Atlantic. He later participated in the Iron Isle Truce and joined the Iron Isle Group. While attempting to find the source of the strange occurrences on Iron Isle he discovered the Tome of Poison and entered a portal with the rest of the group which stopped his aging process and began his travels with the Iron Isle Group.

Current Situation

Armand continues his travels with the rest of the Iron Isle Group.


Armand is a Catholic Christian, though his dedication to his faith has loosened since fighting on the Western Front. Armand firmly believes that getting the most out of life is important, though he struggles to do this himself.


Armand is quiet and determined, however he has a strongly anxious disposition. He often keeps to himself and only feel comfortable opening up to Dubaku and Britcher.


Armand is somewhat dependent on wine, though he sometimes takes potions to curb this. He often smokes but makes no attempt to curb this. Armand is also afflicted with Shell Shock (PTSD) which causes him to limp at random (despite having no remaining injuries in his legs) and twitch occasionally.

Personal Items

Lebel Rifle

Armand often carries his original Lebel Model 1886 rifle with him in case of combat. The weapon is scratched on the reciever and has Armand’s full name carved into the side of the stock.


Armand almost always wears a gold pendant of the Christian Cross and Annaran Qitzonar around his neck, though he often tucks it under his uniform collar to keep it from harm.


Armand often carries a large cauldron with him made of pewter which he uses to mix potions. He uses Annaran magic to shrink the cauldron, allowing him to carry it when not in use.

Tome of Poison

Armand usually carries the Tome of Poison with him. The tome is 195 pages thick with an violet cover featuring a detailed, 18th-century painting of a skull and crossbones on the front.


Iron Isle Group

Armand is friends with everyone in the Iron Isle Group, though some more than others.

Personal Quotes

"Fire burn, cauldron bubble!"

"It will be worth it… perhaps."

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