Sex: Male
Age: 24 (c. Mar, 2019)
Full Name: Ares Zurab Asatarut
Nationality: Georgian
Status: Alive


Ares is a Georgian mercenary working under the Gezan Military. He is known for being able to transform into a feral wolf at will and is officially diagnosed with PTSD. Despite growing up in Georgia and perfecting English in Hawaii he speaks English with a Generalized American accent.

Early Life

Ares was born on November 11th, 1994 in Gori, Georgia to a middle class family. Ares was the youngest of his family, having a pair of older twin sisters (Nanani Asatarut and Anadi Asatarut.) His father (Nikolas Avosal) and mother (Nina Asatarut) both worked part-time at a hotel nearby the family's house. Ares attended a local school in Gori before being expelled in December 2006 (when he was 12) for his involvement in a fight on the school's grounds. Soon after Ares began taking odd jobs around Gori to earn money for himself and his family. On November 23rd, 2011 when he was 17, Ares and his family began a hike up Mt. Elbrus just across the Russian border. During the hike Ares became lost near the peak of the mountain and passed out from exhaustion while trying to find his family and suffered severe hypothermia. He was eventually found by a Russian rescue team after being lost for 19 hours. Ares developed PTSD as a result of the incident as well as a general aversion to the cold. On December 1st, 2013 Ares officially moved to Paukaa, Hawaii to find work.

Move to GII and Metzal Experiment

On April 10th, 2016 (when he was 21) Ares moved to GII to find work and attempt to start a new life. He was given citizenship, assigned to be a military mercenary and began training in axe combat. On June 4th, 2017 Ares was asked to participate in the Metzal Experiment, to which he accepted. As part of the experiment Ares received a number of alternations to his biology and DNA, resulting in his ability to transform into a feral Gezan Silver Wolf at will. However, in this form Ares would also take on the attitude and behavior of a demi-domesticated canine, which occasionally lead to complications.

Current Situation

Ares currently lives on GII and still works under the Gezan Military. He spends most of his time working or socializing.


Ares holds no strong political or religious ideals (though he does half-heartedly believe in Gezan Communism if not just to appease the Gezan Government) but does believe that nature should be preserved and that most things have a natural state.


Ares is enthusiastic, extroverted and usually laid back though he can get panicked in situations relating to his PTSD. He takes pleasure in making others happy.


Ares has a bad habit of chewing on things, much like a dog.

Personal Items


Ares typically carries a two-headed battle axe with an incendiary grenade launcher built into the top of the tool handle.

Dog Tag

Ares almost always carries a circular, metal, Gezan-style dog tag with him. It has his full name, birth date and ID number on the front (as is typical on Gezan dog tags) and a wolf paw print on the back (instead of a battalion insignia.)



Ares is particularly good friends with Cancer, the two often taking time to talk.

Personal Quotes


"Alright, pretty sure I've got this."

"Pet me!"

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