The Democratic Republic of Amdia
Motto: “Vita e vitalità"
Anthem: Il Piave Mormorava
Capital: Loré
Languages: Italian, English
Ethnic Groups: 60% Italian, 25% Austrian, 10% Polish, 5% Other
Religions: 78% Christian, 18% Non-Religious, 2% Jewish, 2% Other
Demonym: Amdian
Prime Minister: Lorenzo Trista
Secondary Minister: Maria Aletto
Currency: USD


Amdia is a primarily Italian nation allied with (though not part of) the IU. It is a Democratic Republic lead by Prime Minister Lorenzo Trista and Secondary Minister Maria Aletto. The nation is well known for its architecture and infamous for its local mafias, the nation having the highest rate of organized crime out of all nations allied with the IU. The island is mostly urbanized and is 550 square miles total.


The Amdian Government is run by 3 separate branches, the House of Citizens, the House of Law and the House of Officials. The House of Citizens is made up of 100 representatives of the citizens of Amdia and is required to cast any votes in accordance with the public's voting. The house of Law is made up of the 10 High Judges who preside over the 10 highest courts in the Amdian legal system. The House of Officials is made up of the Prime Minister, Secondary Minister, the Head of Economic Affairs, the Head of International Affairs, the Head of Military Affairs and the Head of Cultural Affairs. The 3 houses all meet once every 4 months in the National Assembly, during which members of the 3 houses may bring up decisions or laws to discussion. If 50% or more of the National Assembly votes the decision to be important enough the decision then must receive a yes vote from 65% or more of each house individually to pass. The citizens of Amdia live under a Capitalist system, with some loose limitations placed on the size of individual companies. The Amdian Government provides transportation, education and healthcare for free but doesn't provide any additional public services to impoverished citizens.


Amdian Army unit division

Army (Fanteria)

The Amdian Army, called the Fanteria, is comprised of a total of 795,000 soldiers. The Amdian Army consists of infantry, armored vehicles, artillery and tanks and uses an infantry division system similar to GII, with Assault, Support, Medic and Scout units.

Air Force (Aviazia)

The Amdian Air Force, called the Aviazia, is the smallest branch of the Amdian Military. The Air Force consists mostly of attack planes and fighters with only a few bombers.

Navy (Marina)

The Amdian Navy, called the Marina, is the second smallest branch of the Amdian Military. The Navy consists mostly of destroyers, patrol boats, gun boats and corvettes.


Amdian culture is heavily inspired by Italian culture.


Amdian clothing is typically more "dressy" compared to that of other nations. Traditional Italian dress is often worn by officials and higher class citizens. Feathers are considered especially fashionable and are often worn in hats or headdresses, with different feather colors and combinations of colors having separate meanings.

Feather Meanings

Blue - Wealth, either materially or spiritually
Red - Strength, power or influence, often worn by authority figures
White - Knowledge
Green - Pride or patriotism
Black - Cunningness, sometimes vice, often worn by members of the mafia
Purple - Wealth, material only
Yellow - Fairness, calmness or well-temperedness
Grey - Worn only by members of the Grey Coats
Black an White - Balance, similar to the Yin-Yang
Green, White and Red - Amdian pride
Notches cut into feather - Extremities the meaning behind the feather's color

Amdian Mafia

Mafia activity is common on Amdia, especially in larger cities such as the capital of Loré. Any and all mafia groups are commonly referred at as the Amdian Mafia, although there are many mafia gangs operating in Amdia. The most prominent mafia groups being the 3 rival gangs of the Letchi Gang, the Grey Coats and the Kamirra Gang, all of which are most concentrated in the Amdian capital. Mafia gangs frequently carry out murders, robberies and trafficking of various items and known to have influence in various different elements of Amdian life. It is estimated that roughly 47% of all government officials have some ties to at least one mafia group as well as 74% of Amdian men and 59% of Amdian women being part of some mafia activity by age 20.


The Amdian flag is officially named The Italian Stripes. The meaning of its symbols are as follows.
Green: Growth
White: Peace/The canals of Loré
Red: Strength


Amdia consists mostly of temperate grasslands with some hills. The urban areas of Amdia lie all around the island on the coasts, with towns being closest to the coasts and cities being set more inland, the capital of Loré being in the east. The center of Amdia makes up the major rural area with only a few villages and occasional towns. The only forest in Amdia, the Grande Forest, is found in the center of Amdia and contains the highest point in Amdia, the summit of Mount Forttattarre at 690 feet above sea level. The highest temperatures in Amdia occur during mid summer, averaging out at 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The coldest temperatures occur in mid winter, averaging out at 17 degrees Fahrenheit.

International Relations


Amdia is a close ally and trade partner of the IU and assists in military conflicts.

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