Airship Castro


The Airship Castro is a lightly armored airship used by the Gezan Military. The airship was launched in March 2018. The airship is unpainted and has a top speed of 56 mph and has a total length of 530 feet with an average balloon armor thickness of 1.7 inches. The airship has a total of 4 gondolas and can carry 1,800 lb of bombs.


1 x Single 70mm Gun
4 x Single 18mm Auto-Cannons
8 x KTN-24/01 Machine Guns


Captain Karl Hausman, March 2018 - December 2018
Captain Guskov Tarasovich, December 2018 -

Major Engagements

2nd TMIU War


Battle of Hazhgots

3rd TMIU War


Battle of Hazhgots


Battle of MDK Central
Battle of Kaizoa Fields
Battle of Hachino


2nd Battle of Stargazer

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