Aidan Lee
Sex: Male
Age: 18 (c. Feb, 2019)
Full Name: Aidan R Lee
Nationality: German, American
Code Name: Heftig
Status: Alive


Aidan Lee is the dictator of GII and is well known for his utilitarian attitude towards the nation he rules. Aidan is often viewed by the public of the IU as ruthless and violent despite being more compassionate in his private life. He cares for his citizens as a whole and values safety, order and equality, values clearly reflected in style of rule. Although he is a Socialist he maintains a Gezan variant of Communism on GII. Despite being in a position of power he often worries about events and his own character, often over exaggerating small or nonexistent issues.

Early Life

Aidan was born on July 4th, 2000 in Massachusetts to a middle class family. He lived in Massachusetts with his older brother, mother, father and dog and attended public school. At the age 13 he met the future president of Snowstar in a summer day camp and quickly became friends with him. Later, at the age of 14, he met the future emperor of MDK and got to know him through shared experiences in their math class.

Founding of GII

In mid 2014 discovered an abandoned island formerly used as a testing ground for Soviet weapons. He quickly established a Communist government on the island and spread information of the new nation through various sources to bolster the new country’s population. Later that same year he proposed a union between GII, Snowstar and MDK, leading to the founding of the Insanity Union.

Current Situation

Aidan moves between his home in Massachusetts and GII.


Aidan is an avid Socialist and Agnostic, believing strongly in a utilitarian style of rule. He values his close friends and family the most of all.


Aidan is usually sympathetic and generous but also anxious and occasionally judgmental. He prides himself on his altruism however his anxious nature often leads him to jump to conclusions or catastrophise situations.


Snowstarian President and MDK Emperor

Aidan is close friends with the President of Snowstar and the Emperor of MDK and considers them both the best friends he has ever had.

Personal Quotes

“You’re pretty good.”

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