Abez Support Gun


The Abez Support Gun was designed during the 1st TMIU War by Samuel Abez. The weapon was designed to be an easily portable LMG for Trumpland Support Units and fed from a thin, light weight pan magazine which Samuel named the “Disc Mag.” The Abez Support Gun was submitted to the Trumpland government near the end of the 1st TMIU War and was adopted soon after. A new model was developed during the 2nd TMIU War which featured a water cover, however it’s increased weight kept it from being submitted again.


A major issue faced by the Abez Support Gun was overheating. Trumpland soldiers would often complain that the weapon would overheat too quickly due to its high fire rate, which would often damage the gun. This lead to Trumpland soldiers nicknaming it the “Hot Rod.” Soldiers also tried to find ways to cool the barrel of the gun to prevent overheating.

Cooling Techniques

Wet Rags

The most common method of cooling the Abez Support Gun during sustained fire was by wrapping rags soaked in water around the barrel. However these rags would eventually heat up as well as have to be discarded or replaced with new rags.

Barrel Lock

The barrel lock was a part unique to the Abez Support Gun. The part itself jutted out below the point where the barrel met the reciever. The barrel lock, when attached, kept the barrel from rattling or being unscrewed. Some Trumpland troops would remove the barrel lock and carry extra barrels with them. When the weapon overheated the barrel could be quickly unscrewed and switched to a different barrel. However the removal of the barrel lock also caused the barrel to rattle slightly when the gun was fired.

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