4th TMIU War Letters

This page contains a variety of letters sent to and from the front during the 4th TMIU War.


Gezan Scout to His MDKer Friend

"Dear Eiko, I thought it would interest you to know that I've been stationed on Snowstar. My battalion is set up near New Moon with plenty of machine gun posts and field guns. The weather here is fierce. A comrade and I measured the depth of the snow just this morning, it came out at just over a third of a meter (that's about 1 foot in Imperial.) The snow impedes troop movement plenty and even some light tanks have been bogged down. I had a cracker ration and meat ration for lunch along with some Kratt which amounted to 3 crackers and 5 circles of salami. A local invited a few comrades and me into her home just after, she was an aging single mother whose son was off in the Snowstarian Navy. We convinced her to let us set up a field gun in her sunroom which had a window broken anyway. We expect an attack within the next 3 days. I hope you are faring better. Sincerely, Trovish."

Gezan Support to His Wife

“My dearest Natovia, it is strange to think you are only a few miles from me now. We must stay at the lines incase the Trumpland scum decide to attack again. Many of us are sure they will come again. I dearly miss your cooking, I have always said your roast is beyond compare. Rations have become worryingly scarce. Yesterday I had only one meal of a single fruit ration. What man can fight a war on one lemon a day? I hope things improve soon. You are in my thoughts always. With love, Dolkonski.”

Gezan Scout to His Brother During the Tower Offensive

“Dear Nikolas, I hope this letter finds you well. Surely your leg must heal eventually. The fighting here on Trumpland has changed dramatically in the past month. Since mid-October the constant din of rifle fire and artillery shells as waned and now it has stopped all together, save for the occasional shell sent by a distant gun. A few days ago a Snowstarian called across to the Dixies and convinced them to join us for drinks in the land between the lines. Now we meet them there every morning and ever night we get so drunk together we forget we are at war. Last night a few Dixies and I started a game in which turns are taken shooting ration cans off each others heads using a Kolibri pistol such that no one is hurt. This is not what I expected war to be like at all. I wish you could be here at the line with me. Meral sends her love. The Best, Dimitri.”


Cronan Anti-Tanker to the Religious Leader of His Village

"Madame Polikoo, I write to you because I am troubled. I took on another of the steel tanks today, this one much larger than others I had fought. I rode the back of its treads and climbed its chassis as I had always done. When I got to the top its gun let loose a shot which I saw fell a great tree. If I had not heard Mother's cries before I know I did then. I wrenched open the hatch and dropped in. I the first man by driving my nail through his eye and the next four by cutting their throats. The five men surrendered when they saw what I had made of the other crew members. I demanded they hand me their guns then I had the two men manning the tank's gun step forward. I shot them both for what they had done. Now that you know my story I humbly ask your knowledge, am I the monster for what I did or are they? My love, Obraan."

The Religious Leader's Response

"My dearest Obraan, I understand your troubles and I bring to you a simple answer. In these times, when men know only death, the monster is everyone and no one. One man may act monstrous but he is only as monstrous as the man opposite him. Take of that what you may. My love, Madame Polikoo."


Trumpland Assault Troop to His Sister

"Suzie, I'm sorry I haven't written in a while, I've been awful busy here on MDK. I got my first taste o' combat just this Tuesday. I had to charge through a crop field alongside a bunch of other guys and a few armored cars. The noise was crazy, I couldn't hear myself think with all the gunfire and shouting and I had some trouble gettin' the shells into my gun but other than that it all went smoothly. I'm fairly certain I'm fighting the Noritlians, they're the ones with the red uniforms and such. I asked around but not many folks know what the Noritlians have to do with this whole thing, but I guess it doesn't really matter. I hope I can come home with a victory and make everyone proud. I'll write again soon. - Masin"

Trumpland Medic in His Diary

“Dear Diary, I done gone and did something good today. As you know I recently got a donut ration for my bravery last week when I saved Edgar and Oliver. Well listen to this little story! My battalion had just taken control of New Moon and we was (sic) searching every nook and cranny for spies, traps and all that business. I came across a few of my battalion mates harassing a local momma and her kid in a dead end alley. They was (sic) spitting at her, calling her names, one guy even jabbed at her with his bayonet when she said she was pregnant. Anyway, I pushed those guys aside and yelled at them, told them ‘get lost you wingnuts or it’ll be your heads!’ I apologized to momma about their behavior and gave her son my donut ration. Told them all about how, once Mr. McDonald is in control of Snowstar, everything would be better for them and they’d be rich and such. They gave me a ‘thank you’ for getting the guys away and scuttled back to their home. I don’t know if they got my message but it felt good either way. It’s not hard to be the nice guy in a battalion of jerks, especially when you’re higher rank. Until next time, Willias.”


Snowstarian Medic to Her Mother

"Dear Mom, I know I told you I would be home by now but unfortunately, I have been transferred to GII to continue my duties. Please forgive me and I hope everyone is doing well, even with the Trumplanders there. Remember: Trumplanders are like bees, if you do not bother them they will not bother you. It will soon be 4 years since we first came to Snowstar and in those 4 years, we have persevered through thick and thin. On another note, I started treating Gezan soldiers just 10 days ago. I feel as if the wounds I am treating have gotten worse. I helped treat a man missing a leg on Friday. He never flinched once, he just kept smoking and staring at me. I asked him if he was alright, he said, 'yes because we will win.' It truly is a terrifying sight over here. Give my regards to Andrew and dad. Love, Samantha."


MDK Swordsman in His Journal

"2019, May 1st. I am still on GII. The weather was cool and cloudy with occasional light rain. The Gezans began their offensive today, I watched them charge from my observation post. Gezans are a strange breed of human. They slaughter countless numbers of their fellow man with reckless abandon. They face down death with crazed war cries. They act like a colony of bullet ants, each one serving their purpose like a programmed machine. Of course, I say all this having never become close with any of them. Even men as hardened as Gezans still feel as any human, even under the sheets of steel that surround their soul. The Snowstarians, on the other hand, are quite the opposite. They tread lightly. They ask forgiveness for each life taken. Only a fool would think they lack souls. They meander off the set path. They wear their hearts on their sleeves. I ask, where do I stand as an MDKer? Am I bound to the center? Is one path better than the other in times of war? I suppose time will tell. - Konda."

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