Truces During the 4th TMIU War

A list of unofficial truces called by frontline troops during the 4th TMIU War.

The Littlebig Town Truce


The Littlebig Town Truce was an unofficial truce between Trumpland and Snowstarian troops on the far north of the Snowstarian portion of the defending IU line which had been active up to that point. The truce was initiated on March 12th, 2019 when a Snowstarian soldier shouted at the Trumpland line that he was tired. A small number of Trumpland soldiers replied, saying they were tired too. Another Snowstarian soldier suggested a temporary cease fire which the Trumplanders agreed to. No causalities we’re experienced by either side during the truce and no fire was exchanged though neither side interacted with the other during the truce except by occasionally shouting to each other. The truce ended on March 14th when Trumpland commanders ordered an artillery barrage and infantry assault on the Snowstarian lines.

Notable Events


A game of Tic-Tac-Toe was started by a Snowstarian soldier with a Trumpland soldier during the truce. The game was played by each player shouting their move to the other side (ex. “X in top left spot”, “O in center spot”) and both sides keeping individual track of the board. A total of 3 games where played in which the Snowstarian side played with O’s each time. The first game was won by Trumpland, the second by Snowstar and the third resulted in a draw.


“I can’t belive I got a full 4 hours of sleep. It was great!” - Trumpland Scout Ibbiddy

“This better make its way onto the database!” - Snowstarian Soldier Larin

“I don’t see a problem with takin’ a break from the whole killing part of the war. I know not everyone feels the same but I stand by that.” - Cavrish Medic Flynn

The Great Truce

The Great Truce was a semi-unofficial Truce between Trumpland and IU troops outside TM Tower during the Tower Offensive. A large portion of the IU and Trumpland lines participated in the truce. As the Tower Offensive began in September 2019 Trumpland forces were largely recalled into the Tower, leaving only 2.4 million soldiers on the frontlines. This lead to a decline in offensive action outside the Tower on both sides as the under resourced Trumpland Army was unwilling to attack, giving the IU forces (who were largely content to hold the line) no reason to counter attack. This lead to a large scale truce as the combative spirit on the frontlines rapidly declined.


“Huh, neat.” - Gezan Dictator Lee

“I never thought I’d be such good friends with a Trumplander. It’s surreal to think about, as if any moment I might wake up from a dream.” - MDK Soldier Kauaneshi

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