48th Infantry Rebels


The 48th Infantry Rebels was a very small rebel group in Trumpland formed from the 48th Infantry Battalion of the Trumpland Army. The group was formed shortly after the end of the 2nd TMIU War on July 1st, 2018. The group consisted entirely of Trumpland turncoats. Their goal was to spark a revolution in Trumpland and ultimately overthrow Trump McDonald in favor of another leader or form of government (though an ideal replacement for Trump McDonald's government was never universally agreed on by the rebels.) The group officially disbanded on August 29th 2018, shortly before the start of the 3rd TMIU War.


The 48th Infantry Rebels mainly used Trumpland weapons already issued to their battalion to fight, though improvised melee weapons were also used as well as a single tank built by the rebels using a tractor, metal plating and a machine gun.



The idea of splitting off from the Trumpland Army to form a resistance group first arose among members of the 48th Infantry during the closing days of the 2nd TMIU War. These ideas were put into action by a number of soldiers in the battalion, declaring the 48th Infantry a rebel group to a Trumpland official while on a ship carrying the battalion back to Trumpland from Snowstar. Shortly after arriving on Trumpland 460 members of the 48th Infantry fled the transport ship's dock (the 210 members who did not flee were arrested) and met in a remote part of the Pell Mountains, officially forming the 48th Infantry Rebels.

The Battle of Northern Pell

On July 18th Trumpland forces arrived in the Pell Mountains to subdue the rebels. Fighting between the Trumpland troops and the 48th Infantry Rebels broke out on the northern side of the Pell Mountain Range. The 48th Infantry held their line for 50 minutes, losing 260 troops in the process, until they finally retreated to a tiny farming town on the south side of the Pell Mountains known as Illeston.

The Battle of Illeston

On August 6th Trumpland forces attacked Illeston in an attempt to capture the 48th Infantry Rebels. Fighting started when the rebels counterattacked using an improvised tank built off a tractor and armed with a machine gun. Trumpland forces advanced into the town after the tank was disabled by grenades. The resulting battle lead to the deaths 150 more rebels while the remaining 50 rebels retreated further south.


The 48th Infantry disbanded on August 29th 2018, most members continuing south and joining the TM Resistance.

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