3rd TMIU War Letters

This page contains a variety of letters sent to and from the front during the 3rd TMIU War.


Gezan Soldier to His Wife

“My dearest Mariva, I have been thinking of you these past 2 weeks on Trumpland. The weather here is depressing, it seems to be overcast every day with only vague peeks from the sun. I saw one of the Snowstarian troops apologize to a Trumplander he had shot in the gut. It was a strange sight to be sure. I hope we can be together again soon. Love, Vladimir.”

Gezan Assault Troop to His Brother

"Dear Ularov, we have finally taken control of that Trumpland town of Winlersville. It is a sad place. We discovered only three citizens remain here, a mother, a father and their daughter. Engal Horiss questioned them, spouting his typical threats and brandishing his pistol as he usually does. The shelling that night was frightful, many houses collapsed and we lost a few men to it. We pressed an attack early the next morning. I took my Zyrmat this time. A number of troops at the front of the assault were cut down by machineguns before we could get close. I was able to drive my bayonet through one of the machinegunners. The noise when I pulled back was awful, a kind of wet ripping sound. I paid it no attention at the time, my mind was set only on survival. Thinking back to it now makes me shiver, but a man will get used to that after awhile. We were forced to fall back when a two Sennel showed themselves. Horiss told us we will attack again when the tanks arrive. It is snowing now, which I am told is rare on Trumpland. I hope you are recovering smoothly. Regards, Yuri."


Trumpland Scout to His Friend

Note: “Ker” (pronounced ‘kay-er’) is a shortening of MDKer used by some Trumplanders.

“Hello again Tommy, thanks a million for writing back, I was worried the letter would get lost. I’m stationed across from the MDK line, which is only 40 or so yards away from our shallow trench. I sometimes see the Kers peering over at us. You’d think whenever an enemy soldier showed himself someone would shoot him dead but it doesn’t seem to happen here. I’ve been told this line hasn’t moved anywhere in almost a month and it really shows. Little underground passages and rooms are dug into our trench. The enemy is surprisingly peaceful. I even saw one of our guys walk over the the MDK position and trade his Whiskey Rifle to them for 2 little paper boxes of rice and a plastic bowl of noodles. He came back without a scratch on him and even shared some noodles with me and a few pals. It hardly feels like war over here, more like a party where everyone’s too shy to talk to each other. I don't think the Prez would approve. Write soon partner. Davis.”

The Same Trumpland Scout to His Friend

"Hey Tommy, glad you could get back to me! Remember what I said last time bout (sic) the Prez not approving? Well some officials came looking for me a little while ago. They didn't get me of course, since I'm writing to ya now. New Year's Eve gave us another suprise (sic) from the Kers. At about 4 hours to midnight a few Kers came over to our line with their hands up and no swords on their belts. They said we should do something together for the new years. After a lot of talking we decided to stop shooting, although there was only one or two shots that day and only one injury on our side from a misfiring grenade. I thought that would be it but just an hour or so later some of our guys started meeting the Kers between the lines. A bunch more of us and a ton more Kers came out later. We ate our dinners together and talked about stuff. A sat with this guy named Rowgee (I think it's actually spelled Rhoji) and he shared some fish with me and we talked about the Gezans and Snowstarians and MDKers and Trumplanders and how they all handle war differently. It was pretty nice and at midnight Will got the idea to take some powder out of some of our rifle-grenades, put some weird chemicals in them along with some timed fuses and shoot em up at the sky. Will must be smarter than I thought cuz they all exploded different colors in the air like little fireworks. All in all I had a good time. Keep those letters comin and happy new year. Davis."

Trumpland Support Unit to His Family

“Dear Mama, Papa and Sally, I miss you all so very much. I have not written for a few weeks now, I really could not with all the movements my battalion has been making. We’re stationed in a small town now that has been built up into a makeshift fortress. I set up shop with my machine gun in a downstairs window of one of the houses. Harrison, who I’ve gotten to know pretty well, got his hands on one of the Gezan’s anti-tank rifles and set it up next to me. A preacher also came to the town and gave a sermon. At the end he went over the Ten Commandments but he never mentioned ‘Thou shall not kill.’ I suppose it's better not to tell that to soldiers but it made me think. For instance, the knights from anchient history who fought to reclaim the Holy Land, weren’t they disobeying the commandment of ‘Thou shall not kill’? Am I disobeying that commandment? Aren’t the Gezans disobeying it? I know I shouldn’t fill my head with these kinds of thoughts so I’ll forget it for now, after all I have a job to do. Sincerely, Kurtinan”


Snowstarian Troop in His Diary During the Battle of MDK Central

“Dear Diary, I did something good today. I saved a man’s life. Yes, a real, living person, not just a Phantom (sic). It goes like this, Stevens, Collie and I were pinned down by a Trumpland machine gun and a few riflemen. Since I was the only PhantOM I kept peeking my camera over the cover to see if they were still there, as of they would ever leave. Anyway, a Lonne assault trooper showed up to help us (I think he was assault at least, they have the face shields right?) He had that cool, two-barreled SMG with the four magazines, but as soon as he popped over the cover to fire back at the Trumplanders he got a bullet right trough his chest. I tried to get the bullet out at first until I realized it had gone all the way though him. So I hooked him up to a blood IV that Collie had with her, applied some disinfectant to the wound and wrapped his chest up in so much gauze it was like he wanted to be a mummy for Halloween. Oh, and the Trumplanders? Well a huge Gezan tank showed up and we convinced most of them to give up the fight. Except for one guy who ran at the tank with his bayonet. I think the tank pilots face was the funniest reaction I have ever seen! He ended up surrendering after a while too. A pretty interesting day over all. Sincerely, Jamison E. Douglas aka ‘The Unlicensed Doctor.’”

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