240 Belden-T


The 240 Belden-T was developed by Trumpland gunsmiths William Shifs, Oliver Shifs, Benjamin Steele and Jason “Wheat Master” Branton in the farming town of Belden during the 2nd TMIU War. The weapon was designed to be used by farmers in Belden to defend crop fields against the increasing numbers of raccoons, opossums and foxes in the area which had been eating crops. The first models of the weapon (dubbed the 240 Belden) were built with shorter barrels than the final design, however this was soon changed to allow for greater accuracy. Models of the weapon were developed by the 4 gunsmiths for use by citizens of Belden and neighboring towns. Near the end of the 2nd TMIU War the Trumpland Military discovered the weapon and began producing models for military use under the designation 240 Belden-T.



The CRF uses a small number of captured models.


The 240 Belden-T first saw action with Trumpland troops in the Battle of MDK Coast during the 2nd TMIU War. The weapon’s small ammo capacity made constant reloading a necessity. However, the weapon’s break open method of exposing the chamber and compatibility with a number of speed reloaders also made reloading easy.

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