13th Trumpland Legion


The 13th Trumpland Legion (also called the 13th Legion, usually by its members) is a small rebel group formed from the 13th Trumpland Legion of the Trumpland Army. The group was formed in Yotochi on MDK during the 4th TMIU War on March 18th, 2019 and consists entirely of Trumpland turncoats. The goal of the group is to turn the Trumpland Army against Trump McDonald and overthrow him in a military coup and install an MDK-inspired Military Republic in his place. As of April 2019 the group continues to operate in multiple places on MDK and works closely with the MDK Resistance.


The 13th Trumpland Legion mainly uses Trumpland weapons already issued to them, though improvised melee weapons are also used as well as a small number of MKD weapons (mainly katanas and wakizashis.) The group also owns 5 Trumpland tanks (3 T2Ls and 2 St Lister Tanks.)


Members of the 13th Trumpland Legion paint a "13" on the front of their helmet above or over the TM logo to distinguish themselves from other Trumpland troops. Some members also wear white cloth armbands with "13" on them.

Lifespan (as of April 2019)


The idea of mutiny against Trumpland was first planted in a small number of members of the 13th Trumpland Legion by an MDK Resistance operative disguised as an elderly MDK citizen. The idea began to gain popularity among the 13th Trumpland Legion as they were the only Trumpland battalion left in Yotochi aside from the 242nd Infantry Battalion. Many members felt mistreated as the Legion received little supplies even though they were required to constantly combat the MKD Resistance in Yotochi. On March 18th, after a week of talk amongst the troops and officers, the 5,100 troops in the Legion mutinied and attacked the 500 soldiers of the 242nd Infantry Battalion, killing 350 of them, capturing 20 and incorporating the remaining 120 into the Legion. This event became known as the Yotochi Massacre. The Legion took control of Yotochi shortly after, forming an alliance with the MDK Resistance.

The Battle of Yotochi

On March 20th Trumpland forces attacked Yotochi from the north and south in an attempt to subdue the rebelling Legion. The 13th Trumpland Legion held their lines for 4 hours against Trumpland troops before retreating to the nearby town of Tatchayako and taking control of the town from the 160 Trumpland troops stationed there in a short battle. Shortly after this members of the Legion were dispatched as spies to infiltrate Trumpland ranks.

The Battle of Tatchayako

On March 24th Trumpland forces attacked Tatchayako in another attempt to subdue the Legion. The Legion's lines were only held for 2 hours before a retreat was ordered to the nearby town of Mottu near the eastern coast of the MDK mainland. The Legion took control of the town from the 240 Trumpland troops stationed there in a 2 hour battle.

The Battle of Sotran

On March 30th the 13th Legion launched an attack on the small town of Sotran to the north of Tatchayako (the town center of which had been converted into a Trumpland train depot.) The battle involved 2,500 of the then 5,650 members of the Legion as well as the 220 Trumpland troops defending Sotran. The battle lasted only 1 hour and resulted in the Legion taking control of Sotran as well as a small Trumpland armored train stationed there.

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