.07 Malya-Picrie


The .07 Malya-Picrie was developed by Lonne arms company Lars & Domique before the start of the 1st TMIU War. The weapon was designed mainly for self defense and use by civilians. The final design of the weapon was meant to be portable and compact. The first models (known as Line 1 models) were produced shortly after and were sold in gun shops in Lo. However, Line 1 models gained a reputation of jamming due to a faulty ejection mechanism. Lars & Domique soon began production Line 2 models which fixed this problem. After some debate, Lars Gramau and Domique Petard agreed to submit the weapon to the Lonne Military. The weapon was adopted and Lars & Domique recieved a $600,000 contract for 450,000 models with extra groves on the slide. These models were dubbed Line M.


The .07 Malya-Picrie first saw use with Lonne citizens in a self defense role. The weapon was smaller than most pistols, allowing it to be carried and concealed more easily. Despite the low caliber of the weapon’s ammunition it was often sufficient in combating criminals who rarely wore any armor which could stop a 7mm bullet. The weapon also gained popularity among Lonne police for its ease of use.

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